INDICATOR Description
Production Cost

Production Cost has following components :

  1. Actual Machining Cost
  2. Machine Idle Cost
  3. Cutting and Lubrication Fluid Cost
  4. Cost of by product treatment
  5. Governmental Policies
  6. Machine Tool UsageCost

Cutting Quality

Cutting Quality has following components:

  1. Cutting Temperature
  2. Machining induced variations
  3. Surface Roughness

Production Rate

Production rate has folowing components:

  1. Cutting Power
  2. Material Removal Rate

Process Management

Process Management has following components:

  1. Continuous improvements of existing processes
  2. Improvement of material/energy consumption
  3. Performance Measurement

Water Intensity

Water Intensity has following components:

  1. Consumption of water per unit of output
  2. Source of water for the process

Energy Intensity

Energy Intensity has following components:

  1. Energy consumed per unit of output
  2. Renewable proportion of energy consumed


Materials has following components:

  1. Hazardous materials
  2. Chemicals (litres/product)
  3. Raw materials (kg/product)
  4. Material composition
  5. Packaging re-usability (kg/product)
  6. Packaging recyclability(kg/product)
  7. Distance from source

Waste Management

Waste Management has following components:

  1. Weight of releases into air (GHG Emissions) from production process
  2. Weight of releases into surface water from production process
  3. Weight of releases into land from production process
  4. Weight of transfers into disposal from production process (consumables, chips, scraps)
  5. Weight of transfers for treatment from production process
  6. Weight of transfers to recycling from production process (chips and scraps)
  7. Weight of transfers for energy recovery from production process
  8. Consumables reuse ratio
  9. Weight of transfers to sewage from production process
  10. Pollution impact on ozone layer
  11. Wastage and Spill over during production
  12. Mass of coolant loss

Environment Regulations It has been observed that a large number of studies have been considering parameters for economic dimension but is not the same for environmental and social dimension.
Worker Health

Worker Health has following components:

  1. Chemical Contamination of working environment
  2. Mist/dust level
  3. Physical Load Index
  4. Noise Level
  5. Health related absenteeismrate
  6. Compliance with national and international regulatory requirements imposed on industry
  7. Admitted level of emissions and waste from machining operations

Worker Safety

Worker safety has following components:

  1. Exposure to toxic chemicals
  2. Exposure to high energy components
  3. Number of occupational accidents
  4. Near Misses
  5. Operator Risk Level
  6. Ergonomic Design of human interface

Labor Relations

Labor relations has following components:

  1. Hourly Wages
  2. Working Hours
  3. Workload
  4. Community Engagement
  5. Local Employment

Training & Education

Training & Education has following components:

  1. Average Number of Hour softraining per operator
  2. Required Skill Level