How to Enhance learning through this Website:

The framework provided in this website helps the user to identify their line of thinking with regard to researchers or industry professionals based on the Enablers, Barriers and Indicators of Sustainable Manufacturing. The underlying structure of this website is based on research paper titled "Enablers and barriers of sustainable manufacturing: results from a survey of researchers and industry professionals" wherein responses from both the groups were identified and suitably analysed. Here, the user has to rank all the related parameters of Sustainable Manufacturing i.e. Enablers (from 1-10), Barriers (from 1-10) and Indicators (from 1-13) and upon submitting the responses, the framework evaluates each response of the user with those of the researchers and industry professionals and in the end let the users know that with which category, does their thinking align to a major extent. The interested users can contact Dr. Neeraj Bhanot in order to get detailed insights on their opinions towards different parameters of Sustainable Manufacturing with reference to Researchers and Industry Professionals.